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Aurora Grata-Day Star Lodge No. 647 Events

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Past Events:

2/9/11 - Conferral of the Entered Apprentice Degree

10/13/10 - Masonic Birthdays/M:.W:. Gary A Henningsen's 50th

11/17/09 - Masonic Development Course

9/23/09 - Table Lodge - Festive Board

9/9/09 - Official Visit of Our District Deputy Grand Master
The R:.W:. Richard A. Izzo
accompanied by the R:.W:. Robert Remington
Grand Director of Ceremonies of the
Grand Lodge of The State of New York

4/22/09 - Conferral of the Sublime Degree of Master Mason
upon Duly Qualified Fellowcrafts

4/8/09 - Official Visit of Our District Deputy Grand Master
The R:.W:. Richard A. Izzo
accompanied by the R:.W:. Robert Remington
Grand Director of Ceremonies of the
Grand Lodge of The State of New York

3/25/09 - Dr. Tim Wallace-Murphy

2/11/09 - Presentation of the Vatican's Templar Trial Transcripts by Brother Thomas M. Savini
the Director of the Chancellor
Robert Livingston Masonic Library

1/28/09 - Annual Bobby Burns Night

11/26/08 - Financial Worlds Collapse - A Mason's Response

11/12/08 - Impossible Structures of the Ancient World

10/22/08 - Masonic Birthdays, Table Lodge,
Brother Bring a Friend Night

9/24/08 - Junior Past Master Night for W:. Joseph Burke

9/10/08 - Apron Presentation Ceremonies

8/3/08 - 1st Kings District Picnic at Fort Tilden

4/9/08 - District Deputy Grand Master and
Staff Officer Homecoming

3/26/08 - Past Masters Table Lodge

3/12/08 - Lecture by Dr. Tim Wallace Murphy

2/27/08 - Grand Lecturer's Convention

2/21/08 - Walter Reed Appreciation Day

11/17/07 - Third Kings Camp and Charities Bowlathon at Melody Lanes in Brooklyn, NY at 2:00pm

11/14/07 - The Secret of the Pyramids Presentation by
Brother Nicholas Cremato and Phil Harris

10/25/07 - Third Kings Masonic District Fraternal Night:
Awards will be Presented for Brother of the Year for
Each Lodge, District Brother of the Year and the
Raymond C. Ellis Award

10/24/07 - Table Lodge to Celebrate our Masonic Birthdays
(5 - 65 Years)

6/27/07 - Past Master Night Honoring W:. Richard A. Izzo

4/25/07 - Table Lodge at Fraunces Tavern to Honor
Mr. John Gavigan with Douglas MacArthur Youth Award

3/15/07 - 3rd Kings District Ritual Contest

3/14/07 - Lecture and Discussion by
Dr. Tim Wallace-Murphy

9/13/06 - Apron Presentations:
R:.W:. Adrian Johnson and R:.W:. William T. Meyer

5/24/06 - Funeral and Memorial Services for our Brother
R:.W:. Scott J. Silber

3/8/06 - Dr. Tim Wallace-Murphy

Author Templars In America, Rosslyn,…

Flying from England to lecture for us, Dr. Tim Wallace-Murphy will raise some very interesting ideas about the Templars, their voyages to America way before Christopher Columbus, and the mysteries around Rosslyn Chapel. A night not to be missed.
This event is an open lodge meeting, so invite your friends, as this will also be a Brother Bring A Friend Night.

01/25/06 - R:.W:. Thomas W. Jackson
Book reviewer for The Northern Lights

10/6/05 - School of Instruction

Elections and Installations for 2005

3rd Kings District Camp Fund Dinner Dance

10/13/04 - Apron Presentation Ceremonies for
V:.W:. Adrian Johnson
Assistant Grand Lecturer, 3rd Kings District
R:. W:. Scott J. Silber
Grand Swordbearer of the Grand Lodge
of the State Of New York

10/3/04 - 3rd Kings District Blood Drive

6/9/04 - JPM Night for V:.W:. Adrian Johnson

5/12/04 - Elections and Installations for 2004

4/29/04 - Fraternal Night

4/14/04 - Homecoming Ceremonies For
R:.W:. Ralph K. Archangel, Grand Steward

2/11/04 - Brother Bring A Friend

3rd Kings District Ritual Contest

How to Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - You!

7/12/03 - Reclaim a Healthier Life!

5/14/03 - Elections and Installations for 2003

3/26/03 - Brother Bring A Friend

9/11 Memorial and Remembrance

Fishing Trip

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